Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully.In completing and submitting the booking form,you agree to be bound by these conditions,which constitute the agreement between Whitewater Adventures Nepal(“WWAN” )and you.These conditions apply to the exclusion of any other terms or conditions unless they are set out in the booking form or are otherwise agreed to in writing by WWAN.
To book your place for one of our exciting trips please download, print and complete our booking form with your details and send to our address:

Whitewater Adventures Nepal, 22 Weidlich Road, Eltham North, 3095, Victoria, Australia. We require a deposit of 40% of the total trip cost four months before the departure date to confirm your booking. The deposit is non refundable, unless the trip is cancelled by WWAN. Full payment is required 55 days before the departure date.

WWAN accept all types of payment; cash, visa, master card and direct bank deposit. If you are paying by any card you will incur any surcharge or bank fees in addition to your payment for the trip. If the remaining balance is not received 55 days before the trip departure date, WWAN reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit will be forfeited, unless any delay in your payment has been agreed by Whitewater Adventures Nepal.Bookings accepted after the balance is due can be secured with the appropriate deposit and ful lpayment must reach us within 25 days of us accepting your booking.

In all adventure activities,circumstances canarise which forceus toalter dates,trip duration,transport schedules,orhotel accommodation before a trip starts. We will inform you of any such changes as soon as we know of them.

After assessing the conditions expected to be encountered on the trip, and/or the capabilities of the trip participants, our Trip Leaders may decide toalterany proposed plan,river objective,river section or trekking route if they believe that to continue with the published itinerary,or any latterly agreed alternative, would place anyone at undue risk. In these circumstances, if the river or trekking point can be reached by using an alternative route,we will do so and the trip wil lcontinue.

Whitewater Adventures Nepal accept no responsibilities for the consequences of strikes, industrial action, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other unaccepted occurrences, whatever they may be. In the event of civil unrest in a particular region, we under take to inform participants of the situation as soon as we have knowledge ofit.


For all WWAN trips, you are strongly advised to have insurance that covers you for all of the activities you are under taking including adequate insurance for white water rafting, kayaking, trekking and any other activity included in your trip. We recommend you include insurance cover for search, helicopter rescue and medical repatriation. It is your responsibility to insure that you are adequately insured for the whole trip for injury/ death,loss of baggage,personal items,accidents,health emergency eva cuationand loss or damage toper sonaleffects and last minute can cellation of the trip.


Whitewater Adventures Nepal are no tentitled topromisere funds for
what ever reason,and WWAN will not be bound by any such promises.These booking conditions may only be waive din special circumstances,and in writing,by aletter from WWAN.When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read under stood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.Whitewater Adventures Nepal will not refund any money you have already paid in whatever circumstance but WWAN might be able to allow you to join another trip at half price. The trip will need tobe paid for and participate din the same year as theoriginal booked trip.


Whitewater Adventures Nepal accepts participants of any age over14years.Were serve the right to not take anyone under14year age and if we do so,it would only be under special circumstances agreed between WWAN and aparent or guardian of the participant.


If you have any dietary requirements please make sure you tell the WWAN staff and complete the dietary box clearly so we understand your requirements, which we will take all reasonable steps to meet.


Good health, mental and physical fitness are required on the all WWAN Expeditions. If you have any medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes, epilepsy,asthma,heart conditions,pregnancy or other food all ergies,you must adviseus.
We recommend every participant doing a trip with WWAN have other health check with your local GP regarding your health and fitness before you travel. It’s the clients ‘responsibility tonotify WWANof anypre-existing medical condition and/ordisability and asa result might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of the activity being under taken.


Whitewater Adventures Nepal are committed to providing the best service which will give you a oncein a life time journey on this trip. we take our responsibilities very seriously and aim to make your journey very smooth & pleasant. Please understand however, the entire program in Nepal is conducted strictly under the Nepalese rules and regulation.Therefore,WWANandits ‘related organizations shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstance such as govt.restriction,landslide,road blockage,flood,snow,political unrest,cancellation off light, delay,sickness or accident,Any extra ostin curing the reof shall borne by the clients on the trips.


All clients must have a valid passport for at least 6 months. Nepalese visas can be obtained from the Nepalese Consulate in your home country or arrival in Kathmandu Airport. If you are planning on obtaining a visa on arrival in Kathmandu airport please note that you need two passport size photos, visa costs are your sole responsibility. For visa fees and requirements please check our or website.