Nepal Arun Gorges Expedition March 27th to April 11th 2015

Nepal Arun Gorges Expedition March 27th to April 11th 2015

    Nepal Arun Gorges Expedition March 27th to April 11th 2015

The spectacular Arun River gorges are a trip for those interested in undertaking a remote expedition. The scenery on the trek and river journey is unrivaled and unspoiled. The Upper Arun is one of the most powerful and respected rivers in Nepal, cutting through the Himalaya with deep and awesome gorges, lush valleys and superb riverside beaches.

The powerful current and big volume water ensures huge and impressive rapids are encountered throughout the length of this river journey. The rapids are challenging and technical with a high degree of difficulty. The first part of the river trip consists of primo class 4-5 whitewater and is for adventure seekers.

The Arun’s source is up on the Tibetan plateau and this river and its tributaries drain a huge watershed.The expedition descends throughan idyllic setting consisting of granite canyons, overhanging jungle and many varieties of plant and animal life. Only afew expeditions have been down this river so far and it is the first choice for those wanting a true adventure expedition into the wilderness.

In terms of topography it begins far north of Kathmandu in Tibet and swings in an easterly direction for around two hundred kilometres, draining the northern slopes of Everest and Makalu before cutting south through the Himalayas and into Nepal, it carves through the Himalayas providing some of the deepestand most impressive gorges that have fascinated explorers, travellers, river runners.

Whitewater Adventures Nepal is organizing anexpedition to the upper ArunGorges.

The journey to the put-in point for the rafting and kayaking on the upper gorges Arun River involves a 16 hour road trip from the nations capital, Kathmandu with transportation arranged by Whitewater Adventures Nepal to Tumlingter or Bumlingtar by private bus. From here we will start our three day or four day trek to our put in point which will be below Num village or the Apsuwa Khola tributary. We will paddle approximately fifty kilometers which will take three or four days of action packed rapids graded three to five with a few portages as well.Then the crew will be joined by the rest of the groupto paddle the lower Arun from Tumlingtar. From here we load up our gear boat withdelicious fresh food for the next four or five days river journey of mostly grade 2 to 4 rapids.This section comprises of fun, bouncy white water where you can bit relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery with your fellow paddlers. Paddle down into the Sun Kosi River and onto Chatra, the take-out point of Arun and Sun Kosi. If you don’t want to do the overnight bus trip from here back to Kathmandu ( approximately 18 hours ) it is also possible to arrange a flight from Biratnagar (1 hour road journey from Chatara), and this flight takes around 35 minutes to Kathmandu and this will be an additional cost.

Arun River Expedition:Whitewater Adventures Nepal organizes all of the logistics for the expedition ; transport, food, permits, guides and thetrekking, rafting and kayaking sections in the Arun valley. Ram has been on the Arun Gorges before many years back with a Russian crew with kayaks and a bublick. He has always wanted to go back and organize his own expedition with a great team.

As said previously we plan to put in at the Apsuwa Khola River ( tributary ). Keep in mind that this section may not have been done in a raft before so we will be taking our time on the bigger rapids and from Ram’s memory from the expedition in the year 2000 there are a couple of long portages in this section. Otherwise it is primo whitewater which is loads of fun!

We will have space for six rafters (must be experienced) and four kayakers. On top of this there will be three Whitewater Adventures Nepal staff which will make the maximum trip number at thirteen people. The kayakers must be experienced on grade four and five whitewater.

The total length of the trip will be 116 kilometres.


Day 1: Whitewater Adventures Nepal staff will pick you from the airport and take you to your hotel. Relax and recover from the journey and then start to get your gear organized for next days paddling for the warm trip to Upper Bhote Kosi. Overnight in hotel in Kathmandu.

Day2: Have breakfast and then it is a ten minute walk from your hotel to the bus station where we will drive approximately 3 hrs up to the put in of the Upper Bhote Kosi River. The river at this time of year will be medium volume grade 3 and 4.We will go for one day practice paddle with the crew so we can get to know each other in the raft and build up our communication skills between each other and the rafts, kayaks and how we plan to safely travel down the river together. Overnight in hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 3: Have breakfast and drive to airport for flight to Tumlingtar flight time will be approximately 45 minutes. We may walk a half day from Tumlingtar to Kattiheghat that afternoon. We will see how the group is feeling. Camp.

Day 4:Trek from Kattiheghat to Bumlingtar long the river bank. Camp

Day 5 : Trek from Bumlingatar to Phukuwa and camp.

Day 6:An early wake up and have quick breakfast andwalk from Phukuwa to Apsuwa Khola which should be approximately a couple hours walk in from Ram’s memory from the expedition he did back the the year 2000. Camp at the put in.

Day 7: Get all of the gear and equipment organised, load up the paddle rafts and have final discussions on river communications between the group, safe river running, setting safety and any other concerns or issues brought up by any group member. Kayak and Raft down from Apsuwa to Yaphu on the amazing and mighty Arun Gorges enjoy the sceneryand challenging rapids put by the Arun River to us. Camp.

Day 8: Paddle from Yaphu and camp at Bumlingtar. Early morning wake up and get prepared for a fantastic and long days paddling down amazing whitewater with impressive gorges and spectacular landscape. Camp.

Day 9 : Have breakfast and get ready for anther great days paddlingdown from Bumlingtar to Tumlingtar. Beautiful whitewater and do take the time to enjoy the scenery. We will meet the rest of our expedition crew at Tumlingtarand enjoy a few refreshments and yummy fresh food that will be waiting for us there. Camp.

Day 10:After a leisurely breakfast paddle down from Tumlingtar to Kewa Khola or Kewa Besi but this all depends on how we travel during the day.Today will be a great warm up day for the newest crew members and pleasant change for the ‘ old’ crew. This is the one flat water day which will give us some time to relax.

Day 11:Paddle from Kewabesi to Pikhuwa or Mugal depending on day how much distance we cover that day. Fun whitewater rapids.Camp

Day 12: Paddle down from Pikhuwa or Muga to Tribeni which is the confluence of the Sun Kosi River and the Arun River.Have a celebration party on the beach to rejoice in successfully completing the Arun Gorges expedition! Camp.

Day 13: Paddle into the Sun Kosi River and down to our take out point at Chatra. Have a delicious traditional Nepalese lunch of Dhal Bhat and no doubt some refreshments. From here there is the option to drive to Biratnager which is approximately a onehour drive and then fly back to Kathmandu which will take about 35 minutes. Or, drive on the overnight bus with the all the gear which usually takes sixteen to eighteen hours but is always a fun trip.If you fly you will get to Kathmandu the same day you finish on the water but if you drive you will get to Kathmandu the next morning. Overnight in hotel

Day 14: Spend the day relaxing and shopping in Kathmandu and that evening we will have a big dinner party with group. Overnight in hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 15 We recommend people to have this day as extra day just in case we happen to get delayed on the expedition for some reason. Overnight in hotel in Kathmandu

Day 16: Fly back to your home country of course if you want stay and do more paddling or other activities in Nepal you are welcome too.

Cost Included / Cost Excluded

Cost Included

Four nights accommodation in hotel in Kathmandu

• All the equipment for Rafting and Kayaking

• Food throughout the duration of the expedition, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee.

• Satellite phone

• Comprehensive wilderness first aid kit

• Repair kit for raft

• Porter for carrying raft and kayak plus equipment

• Wrap kit

• Permits

• Transport

• Camping equipment

• Government taxes.

Cost Excluded

International airfare and visa fee.

• Flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar

• All the food when you in Kathmandu

• Travel and rescue insurance

• Your personal equipment

• If you choose to fly after the trip from Biratnagar you will be paying yourself which around U.S $165 -.

• Alcohol on the trip if you choose to take some but remember we are doing expedition and don’t have much space.

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