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Pegah Hattam Ebrahimi and Friends

Pegah Hattam Ebrahimi and Friends

  • Even before traveling to Nepal and meeting him, I was confident that I would be with one of the best trekking guides in Nepal. He was so friendly and supportive in his e-mails that made me think I had known him since long time ago. And now, after having two trips to Nepal – in October 2003 and October 2004, for trekking in Everest region and Annapurna reign, respectively – I am truly glad of having a very close Nepali friend: Santaman Tamang!

    He is an intelligent, knowledgeable and confident intellectual who spends a part of his life in mountains and guides tourists; he teaches them lessons about Nepal and asks them to teach him lessons from other cultures! He is dynamic and full of life! That is why he is a very good companion and an expert guide with good knowledge about different regions and cultures of Nepal. He is very serious about his job and in critical moments he can always handle everything and let you worry about nothing; he knows what to do and he does what he has to do! At the same time, he can be the funniest person in the whole world with the naughtiness of a child and can make you laugh for hours!

    If I decide to travel to Nepal once again, one of its main reasons would be to meet Santaman, my dear Nepali friend, whom I start to miss as soon as I leave Katmandu!

    He and his team – a group of friendly and helpful people – will never let you down. They are kind, caring and fun to be with! In trying to provide their guests with the best they can, they work hard without letting anyone notice, because they always smile! The memory of their kindness and supports and the image of their smile is the best souvenir you bring home to remember the sacred land of Himalaya, with all its magnificent sceneries and exotic cultures!

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