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Our Teams

our teams

  • Santaman Tamang

    Santaman Tamang

    Me, Santaman Tamang, I have been working in Trekking field since 1991, I have started the trekking being a porter, carrying heavy loads in every destination of Nepal during the cold and cool time of year in every high altitude region of…Read More
  • Rame Tamang

    Rame Tamang

    Rame Tamang, My Nephew, is my co worker holding many years of Trekking and Travel experience, serving the clients in such high altitude area together with me most of the time. Holding Nepal Govt; Trekking and Tour guide Licenses, High…Read More
  • Lal Bdr Tamang

    Lal Bdr Tamang

    Lal Bdr Tamang, My co worker too, the one who has contributed his most of the half life going high altitude for High Passes and Peak Climbing. The perfectly honest guy for our team has his self skill to give his service to the clients even…Read More
  • Shera Lama

    Shera Lama

    Shera Lama, Our Personal, so long experienced Trekking Guide and Cook is also my co worker. He has a more than 20 years trekking experience in his life of 36. He has the experience of being all over remote and restricted trekker's…Read More
  • Khularam Tamang

    Khularam Tamang

    Khularam Tamang, One of our reliable, young and energetic co- worker, Has got lots of experience of handling the group and leading Trekking and Camping trip to High altitude regions of every trekking and camping destination of Nepal's…Read More
  • Ram Bdr Tamang

    Ram Bdr Tamang

    Ram Bdr Tamang: Ram Bdr, the perfect reliable guy for any destination of Nepal trek and tour, He has obtained the Govt licensed and well trained in various tourism trainings. The deep knowledge in service oriented mind and honesty is the…Read More

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