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  • Laso!! Phyafulla!!

    And Warm Greetings from the land of Shangri-La, the Himalayan state of Nepal.

    introWorking as an independent Trekking and Travel guide in Nepal, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude with many words of thanks to my clients continued support in promoting the Nepal adventure through my website. I am confident that these traditional bonds of friendship will always remain firm and steadfast. And to the newcomers, I would like to welcome you to our way of exploring the real Nepal and would encourage you to contact me with your questions. I am equally confident that new bonds of friendship will soon be established. As the warm spring slowly winding down, I am excited of our spring 2007 plans. As the new 2007 season has begun, I take pleasure in presenting you a wide range of treks or tours program to suit your needs.

    I am grateful for the valuable compliments and testimonials that I have received from the past trekkers I have had the pleasure to share in their Nepal adventure. I am proud of my past achievements in having helped my clients enjoy my beautiful country with its unique cultures.

    I will take this opportunity to extend my hand in friendship to those who are interested in Nepal experience and I look forward to the day that I welcome you to Nepal.

    With Kindest Regards.

    Santaman Tamang,
    The Extreme High Altitude Worker from Nepal.

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