CAAN 19th Anniversary, Let?s join the Celebration, December 31st, 2017.
Air Navigation Service Directorate
  • ATM Department
  • Domestic Airport and Facilitation Depat
  • Com. & Nav. Aid Dept
  • CNS Planning &
    Development Dept
  • AIM Department
Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Directorate
  • ANS Safety Standards Department
  • Aerodrome Safety Std. Department
  • Flight Safety Std. Department
  • CNS Planning &
    Development Dept
  • IACO,Int'l Affairs & Legal Department
Corporate Directorate
  • Corporate Planning and Monitoring Dept
  • Human Resource Department
Aerodrome Operation Directorate
  • Aerodorme Eng Dept
  • Rescue And Fire Fighting Dept
  • Electro Mechanical Dept
TIA Civil Avaiation Office
(Security Committee Facilitation Committee)

  • Airport Operation Dept
  • Rescue And Fire Fighting Dept
  • Technical Service Dept